Clubside Breakfast Time #37

with special Guests Uncle Weed and the “unnamed counselor”.

First Song – Negativland – Pip Digs Pep

Cosmo really “breaks his fast” at the newly remodeled Clubside Café in Olympia, Washington after having not had solid food in over 85 hours.

Uncleweed talks about travel maven Rick Steves and his speaking out about his Pro-Legalization Stance

Vaselines – Rory Ride Me Raw

A brief discussion about the Scarsdale High School beard club, who earned their Shoutout with their Youthful Exhuberance, go check it out.

Uncle Weed talks about geeks and the SxSW Music Festival.  Even High Times was there making video Podcasts.

Cosmo talks about Marc Canter, his family and their four generations of performing Gilbert and Sullivan.

Here’s a few pictures of Marc.

Marc at SxSWMarc after Gnomedex5 Party in Seattle Library

Geoff Smith – Not on the Radio  a Podsafe Music Network Hit!

Cosmo and Uncle weed talk about high minded stuff, philosophy, history and cultural anthropology.  I told you we were unscripted for this show. . . . .

After much fumbling, Cosmo plays a song by the Scottish Troubadour;

Ed Miller – At Home With The Exiles.

Thanks to the Clubside, SubPop Records, TradTunes and our special guests!!