Here’s a new addition to the Video Podcast Test archive, my first “unofficial”, released Vidblast (Videocast). Made by VidBlaster and displayed by Blip.TV.

This is only a test!

These video clips are my first attemps at using VidBlaster to create a Video Podcast. I’m going to Vidblast some great “sight seeing and driving tours with Cosmo” as soon as I get the hang of it, and maybe get a firewire digital video cam to help with picture quality.

Checkout SplashCast Media and their great SWF player which is used below to embed the videos.

[splashcast TTLD7613WC]

Glad this works, keep watching, I’ll add more in the future! Current Video Count: 3 (note on #3, I had the wrong microphone selected, sorry for the poor quality sound), doh!