Clubside Breakfast Time Episode 56 – Musivaganza Laundrycast

In which Cosmo and Dingo do their laundry and talk about their trip to Vancouver, B.C. to watch the Police Re-Union Tour Rehearsal and Opening Show.

(Dan, Dingo, & Ted)

The Police Dress Rehearsal

In line for the rehearsal VIP room, we made friends with a Dutch reporter named Gijsbert Kamer, here is the article he wrote after the show (Dutch Language Only).

Also, Dingo got interviewed for a german documentary about the Police re-union.

We featured a bit of DaveO reading Thoreau’s Walden from his Postcards from a Gravelly Beach Podcast, and then ended off playing Honeycut’s Fallen to Greed.


The Melvins – Laughing with Lucifer in Satan’s Sideshow (buy The Melvins)
Bing Crosby – Just a Gigolo (buy some Bing)
Taphabit – Satchmoe
Taphabit – Seatowne
Mojo Filta
– Rad (for Martin)
– Fallen To Greed

The Day I Turned To Glass

“The Day I Turned To Glass” by HoneycutQuannum Projects

More On This Album

(Background Music: Honeycut, Pearl Django)

Shoutout to our friend KK+, DaveO, and everybody in Vancouver for all the good times.