Clubsidebreakfasttime at Gnomedex Friday, Jun 30 2006 

Cosmo and Uncleweed are hanging at Gnomedex, learning and dialoging about net-neutrality, blogging, podcasting, marketing, and crappy PR campaigns.

Marc Canter is eloquently speaking about “openness” in Web 2.0 services and applications. He’s right. (Scroll down to where he mentions Dan Farber) Plain and simple, your site/app/services, should work with as many different formats as possible, including importing and exporting the user’s data. This is one of the reasons Google is kicking so much ass lately, and the main reason they could be overtaken by a small start-up with better interoperability.

Dingo’s Choice Wednesday, Jun 14 2006 

Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast #42 – Dingo’s Choice

(The Missing episode, posted on the feed June 14th, but only blogged July 4th (even though the published date is June 14th, do NOT be confused)

Cosmo and Dingo sit around on the big green couch at home and play some music by the ladies and talk of Poems and Prayers and Promises.

Dingo and Cosmo set the scene by talking about Ladyfest, the International women-based music festival phenomena originating in Olympia.

Then we play Sub Pop Recording Artist, Rosie Thomas – Since You’ve Been Around (From the Album; If Songs Could Be Held)

We talk about our new kitten Oisin, who’s name comes from the Irish Legend.

Dingo, (who remembers dates, especially birthdays, very well, reminds Cosmo that it’s Flag Day in the U.S., and wishes a happy birthday to our old friend Knute Knutson, (who is now living in Arizona), and Kirsten, her “niece.”

Then we talked about our trip the first week of the month to Ocean Shores, Washington(Map Link), The long sandspit beach resort community on the Washington Coast and sheltering Grays Harbor. Dingo mentions that the Galway Bay is the finest Irish pub within 100 miles.

Next, we play former Olympian Mary Lou Lord – Why Does He Love That Kind of Girl? Played courtesy of Kill Rock Stars Records.

After that, Cosmo reads the Lyrics to John Denver’s Poems, Prayers and Promises, which he takes great inspiration from, and about which Dingo makes an eloquent comment.

We talk about Alien theories, proffered to us last weekend by a friend, and offer our own link to Alien Creation Kookery as well.

Glaswegian recording artist Maeve O’Boyle – Love Ain’t Always Pretty

*** NEWS From Olympia ***

Port Protestors – Council Member TJ Johnson is shoved by police while observing protests.

Military Port Use Collides with Olympian’s Pacifists – The Tacoma News Tribune

Cosmo tries to set the stage for a future Podcast about his and Uncleweed’s foray into downtown Olympia to record some content for a future podcast, and watch the Black Bettie show, while gathering a T-Shirt for Teclo of the Unmajestic Podcast.

Black Bettie Poster

Dingo and Cosmo talk about the new bumper crop of babies from their friends in Oly, including their own new grandson, and then play one of Cosmo’s favorite artists, Lois Maffeo – Shy Town.

Thanks to all the mentioned people above, and; Bill Matthews (Listen to the Tartan Podcast Artist Spotlight Show about Bill), Olympia Coffee Roasting, Podshow, and Maynard’s Wine Gums, Mike Versteeg, author of Castblaster and Winpodder, and to whoever else I forgot to mention.