Rachel Corrie Anti-War Wednesday, Mar 29 2006 

Clubside Breakfast Time – Episode 38Rachel Corrie Anti-War Episode

Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie (1979-2003)

Patriotic Talk at the Eastside club with Host Cosmo and Bro\Damien.

Le Tigre – New Kicks (Democracy) – This song was originally recorded around the time of the big anti-war protest in February of 2003 just before George W Bush starting this horrible war.

To start, Damien and Jay chat for a while, about Gazoo and his absence, other topics, and play Negativland.

Negativland – U2 (learn about the song controversy)

Negativland - Over the Edge Live, Monotheism in Stereo

Damien returns from his Smoke Break, and a brief discussion ensues about new Tobacco Laws in Washington.

Damien at the Clubside Food Holeour Food is ready!My Quasi-Belgian Beer

Whilst eating dinner, we play Billy Bragg’s new song (click to download) about Olympia’s Proud Native Daughter, Rachel Corrie

(Other Rachel Corrie Sites: Rachel’s Words, Wikipedia Entry, Another Memorial Site, Cosmo’s Notes from the day of her Death, Electronic Intifada Site.

We also played Country Joe’s – Not in My Name, (found at Country Joe’s Jukebox)

After that, Damien mentions his trip to Washington D.C., to see his friend, Jorge Munrose for his birthday on May 5th (spelling?), and a wedding for his basque brother Mike Rivera, and Andrea Jones, who have been together since 2000.

Cosmo starts to reminisce about his own sweet wife, and the changes in his small hometown for the last 25+ years.

Damien plugs (for free, I assure you), Bombshell Poker, and their upcoming event in Seattle in September.

We talk briefly about our podcast location, the Eastside Club, and their exemplary selection of beer.

And then, the topic of talk turns to Cosmo, his wife Dingo, and Damien’s upcoming April trip to Guthrie Oklahoma, use the Internet to find out what they’re doing there, click below.

SR Eagle 32

Next, and finally, we play Billy Bragg again, his “Bush War Blues“.

Then, a rap-up with quick thanks to the our Sponsors, the Eastside Club, the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, the artists played, (listed above), and the SHS Beard Club! (Keep up the bake sale, friends!) We mention the Negativland contest one more time, gave details how to enter. Enter the contest, win a CD!

Number 2 Again Thursday, Mar 16 2006 

Clubside Breakfast Time #37

with special Guests Uncle Weed and the “unnamed counselor”.

First Song – Negativland – Pip Digs Pep

Cosmo really “breaks his fast” at the newly remodeled Clubside Café in Olympia, Washington after having not had solid food in over 85 hours.

Uncleweed talks about travel maven Rick Steves and his speaking out about his Pro-Legalization Stance

Vaselines – Rory Ride Me Raw

A brief discussion about the Scarsdale High School beard club, who earned their Shoutout with their Youthful Exhuberance, go check it out.

Uncle Weed talks about geeks and the SxSW Music Festival.  Even High Times was there making video Podcasts.

Cosmo talks about Marc Canter, his family and their four generations of performing Gilbert and Sullivan.

Here’s a few pictures of Marc.

Marc at SxSWMarc after Gnomedex5 Party in Seattle Library

Geoff Smith – Not on the Radio  a Podsafe Music Network Hit!

Cosmo and Uncle weed talk about high minded stuff, philosophy, history and cultural anthropology.  I told you we were unscripted for this show. . . . .

After much fumbling, Cosmo plays a song by the Scottish Troubadour;

Ed Miller – At Home With The Exiles.

Thanks to the Clubside, SubPop Records, TradTunes and our special guests!!

A Quickie with Bird Flu Thursday, Mar 16 2006 

Clubside Breakfast Time #36

Numbskulz Opening / Numbskulz – Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

A local news story from The Daily Olympian regarding our friend (and Clubside Breakfast Time contributor Ben Livingston’s Legal Trouble with the Man

Mudhoney – Blindspots, from their new album Under a Billion Suns

National News – Cartoon Controversy in the American Press

At this point Uncle Weed and Cosmo have a brief discussion about the Olympics, Canada, and Haiti.  Here are some pictures and links that are topical.

Canada's Governor General Michaëlle Jean

Dumping Manure as Canadian Political Statement, an idea borrowed from the French?

Derek K Miller – “You’re the Big Sky”
dedicated by the host of the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast to:

Rachel Corrie, an Evergreen State College Graduate, Olympia Native, and member of the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace who was killed on this date in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer attempting to destroy a Palestinian home in Rafah, Gaza Strip

Negativland’s, from Universal Media Netweb, new “Over the Edge” broadcast, It’s All in Your Head FM, Monotheism in Stereo.  *contest*

Free Radio Olympia is soon having a 5th anniversary party.

Cosmo explains his cold and his fast, Unclweed mentions the Clubside Café’s new Website.

Our thanks today go to the  the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, (without whom Cosmo would not get any work done). The Freakin’ Numbskulz (you rawk!)  The Daily Olympian, it’s new owners McClatchy, recently sold to Knight Ridder, they pawned it off on McClatchy!!  Vancouver BC’s touchy feely geek culture.  Derek Miller of Penmachine.com.  Rachel Corrie Negativland, Mark Hosler, thanks for permission to play your stuff. WordPress, it’s talented and youthful author Matt Mullenweg, and the Podsafe Music Network, Adam and Ron from BoKu Communications.