War Continues, New Podcast Coming Soon Thursday, Jul 27 2006 

Cosmo G Spacely is quitely hunkered down in his secret air-conditioned bunker in Crawford, Tx., West Olympia, WA, awaiting word of further developments, and preparing himself for another Audio+ Podcast.

In the meanwhile, Cosmo recommends you buy him an iPod, since he still doesn’t have one. Even a refurbished one would be nice, just not the shuffle, he has “control” issues. Just click on the ad below, and ship to me c/o Clubside Breakfast Time. Just send an E-Mail, and ask for the address.

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Gnomedex Recap Wednesday, Jul 12 2006 

Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast #43 – Gnomedex Recap

Photo Credit: Cosmo G Spacely

Gnomedex Song – Derek Miller, of the Penmachine Podcast

John Edwards and the “Red Diaper Baby” at YouTube

CrapMonkey Ambushes Cosmo at Marc Canter’s After-Hours Party and uses some of Cosmo’s “nuggets of wisdom” for his Pieces of Crap #7

Kingston Trio – “Greenback Dollar” (Hoyt Axton/Ken Ramsey)

Both Sides Of The Kingston Trio Volume I

Both Sides Of The Kingston Trio Volume I

The Kingston Trio

Gathering the Tribe – Elephant Song – by Spiral System

Gathering the Tribe is a unique blend of new world grooves released by Interchill Records

Gathering The Tribe

Gathering The Tribe

Various Artists
Interchill Records

Uncleweed tries his hand at songwriting and poetry,and his friend “bread” put together a song from his poem, “The FerryChanges Tack”, which he undoubtedly wrote while riding the VancouverSeabus to work. He also has put some video up at his new VideoBlog which we play a clip from. Go download the (extremely large) videos to see more of Cosmo and Uncleweed at Gnomedex.

Olympia News – Boycott of Storman’s owned stores (from OlyBlog.Net), and the ensuing protest at Ralph’s Thriftway. (From the Olympian)

Mirah – Rock of Ages – Buy it Here!

Seaweed – Deer Trap, from the International Hip Swing Compilation from K Records

As always, the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast is Produced with CastBlaster.

And a great thanks to *ALL* our good friends from Gnomedex; see the recap (still being posted in installments in my “Friends from Gnomedex” Series at Cosmo’s Condo Blog.

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Gnomedex is over . . . Monday, Jul 3 2006 

. . . but the fun, the friends, the learning, and the lessons will stay with me always.

Broadband Mechanics After-Hours Party

See my other Gnomedex posts over here, in my personal (non-podcast) blog.