Mad as Hell Sunday, Jul 1 2007 

CBT Episode #59 – Mad as Hell – 2nd Anniversary Episode Re-Discovered!

With special guest Dingo (aka Badzoot).

This is the missing 2nd anniversary episode from July 1st, 2007 (previously posted only to the iTunes feed), Wherein we talk about Uncleweed, Crazy Wanda (Corey), Derek, other Gnomedexer’s and this stupid war.

background music by Derek K Miller of the Penmachine Podcast
Canada day, birthday shoutout to CrazyWanda

Playlist from Episode #58
Mission Accomplished - The Return Of The Protest SongJake Holmes “Mission Accomplished” (mp3)
from “Mission Accomplished – The Return Of The Protest Song”
( Buy at iTunes Music Store

Derek K Miller – You’re the Big Sky
Derek K Miller – Gnomedex 6 Theme

New MoonElliott Smith “High Times” (mp3)
from “New Moon” (Kill Rock Stars)
Buy at Kill Rock Stars Pre-order

Uncle Slim – Stoned in Naples
The Auto Dropouts – She Ain’t Gonna Flip Burgers
It’s A Beautiful Day – No Word for Glad

At time of recording looking forward to Gnomedex / BarCampVancouver

Thanks to sponsors, Zhonka Broadband, Olympia Coffee Roasting.

70’s Vinyl Groovecast Thursday, Jun 21 2007 

Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast Epidsode 57 – 70’s Vinyl GrooveCast

In which Cosmo and Hesitant Greener eat lunch at King Solomon’s Reef; and lay low, slow, and mellow due to an abundance of Sour Diesel of late.

Pictures of an aggressive patron being escorted out of King Solomon’s by owner Rich P

Episode 57 Playlist (all songs but “Mission Accomplished” from the Columbia Records Sampler “The Music People“)

Various Artists (Label Samplers)The Music People album cover

Jake Holmes – Silence
Jake Holmes – Mission Accomplished (Buy This Music)

Genya Ravan – What Kind of Man are You?

Two songs we dedicate to Uncle Weed, who has just returned from his trip to London to visit the Dopefiend with guest spot on the Dopecast.

Boz Scaggs – Monkey Time (Buy Some Boz)
Mylon – Holy Smoke Doo Dah Band (Buy Mylon CDs)

Then we finish off with the sweet R&B Funk Soul Sound of . .

Grootna – I’m Funky (Buy Grootna)

Special thanks to Hesitant Greener, Rich P, King Solomon’s Restaurant, Olympia Coffee Roasting, and the peace loving tolerant people of Olympia, Washington.

Musivaganza Laundrycast Monday, Jun 4 2007 

Clubside Breakfast Time Episode 56 – Musivaganza Laundrycast

In which Cosmo and Dingo do their laundry and talk about their trip to Vancouver, B.C. to watch the Police Re-Union Tour Rehearsal and Opening Show.

(Dan, Dingo, & Ted)

The Police Dress Rehearsal

In line for the rehearsal VIP room, we made friends with a Dutch reporter named Gijsbert Kamer, here is the article he wrote after the show (Dutch Language Only).

Also, Dingo got interviewed for a german documentary about the Police re-union.

We featured a bit of DaveO reading Thoreau’s Walden from his Postcards from a Gravelly Beach Podcast, and then ended off playing Honeycut’s Fallen to Greed.


The Melvins – Laughing with Lucifer in Satan’s Sideshow (buy The Melvins)
Bing Crosby – Just a Gigolo (buy some Bing)
Taphabit – Satchmoe
Taphabit – Seatowne
Mojo Filta
– Rad (for Martin)
– Fallen To Greed

The Day I Turned To Glass

“The Day I Turned To Glass” by HoneycutQuannum Projects

More On This Album

(Background Music: Honeycut, Pearl Django)

Shoutout to our friend KK+, DaveO, and everybody in Vancouver for all the good times.

BarCamp Portland 2007 Monday, May 21 2007 

BarCamp Portland – CBT Episode #55

Here are some pictures of Dingo and I making the BarCamp Portland 2007 Podcast. Our apologies for low voice levels, we had to do the thing literally on my lap, as I didn’t want to use one of the dilbert cubicles provided by Cubespace, one of the prime sponsors.

(Photo Credit: thekirbster) (Photo Credit: Semaphoria)

Marshall of SplashCast Media (photo: Josh Bancroft)

We talk about with Marshall Kirkpatrick, and play the songs listed below. Send feedback to clubsidepodcast [-] at [-] gmail . com, o . k . ?

Sleep of Oldominion – Testimony (buy the album)
Honeycut – Tough Kid (buy the album)
Dub Narcotic / Lois – Ship to Shore
Tinariwen Aman Iman – Water is Life
Sleep of Oldominion – Bucket (buy the album)
Pigeon John – Growin’ Old (buy the album)
The Dears – Ticket to Immortality (buy the album)

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We are back, better than before! Saturday, May 12 2007 

Clubside Breakfast Time Episode 54 – We are back, better than before!

With Guest Host Damien, we talk about Choogle On Longboard Hockey Episode, go listen to it!

Song 1

Pigeon John & The Summertime Pool Party

Download “Money Back Guarantee” (mp3)
from “Pigeon John & The Summertime Pool Party”
by Pigeon JohnQuannum Projects

More On This Album

Song 2

Drill a Hole In That Substrate and Tell Me What You See

Download “If Jesus Drove a Motor Home” (mp3)
from “Drill a Hole In That Substrate and Tell Me What You See”
by Jim WhiteLuaka Bop

More On This Album

Honeycut and the crowd at the Podcast Hotel 3 wrap up party at Harlot in San Francisco.
(in photos: Bart Davenport (Honeycut singer), Alex Williams – (Podcast Hotel), recently freed journalist Josh Wolf (Read Josh’s Story), Shannon Clark)

We had a great time visiting San Francisco and hanging with out peeps in the podcasting/blogging world.  Can’t wait for the next one!!!

Song 3 & 4

The Day I Turned To Glass

Honeycut Fallen to Greed and The Day I Turned to Glass
from “The Day I Turned To Glass”
HoneycutQuannum Projects

More On This Album

Song 5

Songs of Bread

Download “the Goodbye Girl” (mp3)
from “Friends and Lovers: Songs of Bread”
by Eric Shea & Bart DavenportBadman Recording Co

More On This Album

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