Spacely’s Sprockets – Episode #3 Monday, Nov 5 2007 

Episode #3 – Sex God Missy – Olympia Monday


Cosmo plays TAD – Sex God Missy; from the SubPop200 compilation CD.

and reads a short Poem from Robert Burns. (Burns Books and stuff)

Some parts of this podcast were recorded with Cosmo’s Roland Edirol R-09 24-Bit portable WAV/MP3 Recorder.

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Back In The Tubes Tuesday, Sep 18 2007 

CBT #59 – Back in the Tubes

Cosmo G Spacely and special guest Snowblind wherein we play some groovy music, get mellow, talk about the future and have a Sativa Taste Test!

Marty #2 and it’s Mother Plant

Playlist for Episode #59

Do You Trust Your Friends?Stars “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” (mp3)
from “Do You Trust Your Friends?” (Arts & Crafts)
Buy at iTunes Music Store Stream from Rhapsody
More On This Album

Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining (Newly signed to WBR)
Heat Wave – The Groove Line
Del the Funky Homosapien – Deltron 3030 – Virus
Greyskul – Time Travel
Lois – Charles Atlas

Future Fiction: Canticle for Leibowitz

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Mad as Hell Sunday, Jul 1 2007 

CBT Episode #59 – Mad as Hell – 2nd Anniversary Episode Re-Discovered!

With special guest Dingo (aka Badzoot).

This is the missing 2nd anniversary episode from July 1st, 2007 (previously posted only to the iTunes feed), Wherein we talk about Uncleweed, Crazy Wanda (Corey), Derek, other Gnomedexer’s and this stupid war.

background music by Derek K Miller of the Penmachine Podcast
Canada day, birthday shoutout to CrazyWanda

Playlist from Episode #58
Mission Accomplished - The Return Of The Protest SongJake Holmes “Mission Accomplished” (mp3)
from “Mission Accomplished – The Return Of The Protest Song”
( Buy at iTunes Music Store

Derek K Miller – You’re the Big Sky
Derek K Miller – Gnomedex 6 Theme

New MoonElliott Smith “High Times” (mp3)
from “New Moon” (Kill Rock Stars)
Buy at Kill Rock Stars Pre-order

Uncle Slim – Stoned in Naples
The Auto Dropouts – She Ain’t Gonna Flip Burgers
It’s A Beautiful Day – No Word for Glad

At time of recording looking forward to Gnomedex / BarCampVancouver

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Mellow Monday Monday, Mar 26 2007 

Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast – Episode #53 – Mellow Monday

Check out Cosmo’s new OlyPosterBlog!!!
(click on the photos below to see a flickr set of poster photos)

(see this link at OlyBlog for background on Olympia’s Sidewalk Sitting Ordinance.)

Also discussed on the show, Olympia Coffee Roasters NWRG (Northwest Roaster’s Group Meet), the Nation Article, by Wes Enzinna, (posted at OlyBlog), and the mention of OlyBlog in Citizen Media Report.


Asobi Seksu
I’m Happy but You Don’t Like Me
by Asobi Seksu
Friendly Fire Recordings
More On This Album
Songs of Bread
Everything I Own
from “Friends and Lovers: Songs of Bread” by Paula Frazer
Badman Recording Co
More On This Album
Something About Violins
All the Wrong Reasons
from “Something About Violins”
by Julie Sokolow
Western Vinyl
More On This Album
The Whitest Kids U' Know: The Skits
Russian Roulette
from “The Whitest Kids U’ Know: The Skits”
by The Whitest Kids U’ Know
What Are Records
More On This Album

Plus Capercaillie Who Will Raise Their Voice, and

Lois / Elliott Smith Rougher, Mirah – Rock of Ages from K Records in Olympia!

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More Music, Less Talk Wednesday, Feb 14 2007 

Clubside Breakfast Time Epidsode #52 – More Music, Less Talk.

Rainy Window Downtown Olympia - February 15 2007

Check out CrazyWanda’s new NOTSHOCKING podcast, a “mix tape for friends”, which is one of the best descriptions I’ve heard for personal podcasting. Make sure and check out IODAPromonet for “Rights Cleared” music to play on your podcast and or blog.

We read a letter from a listener from Olympia “exiled” to France for awhile, who misses the Clubside Café’s Garlic Tater Tots

Today’s Playlist

Macromantics – Scorch
Kill Rock Stars

Loch Ness – Some Velvet Sidewalk
Until Then Do I Wait – The Noses
Futuristic Sex Robotz
– Back to the Future
and finally,
Dedicated to the beard club boys of Scarsdale Beard Club:

Waldorf – I Didn’t Know What I Was Searching
Kinky Star Record More On This Album

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