Gnomedex is over . . . Monday, Jul 3 2006 

. . . but the fun, the friends, the learning, and the lessons will stay with me always.

Broadband Mechanics After-Hours Party

See my other Gnomedex posts over here, in my personal (non-podcast) blog.

Clubsidebreakfasttime at Gnomedex Friday, Jun 30 2006 

Cosmo and Uncleweed are hanging at Gnomedex, learning and dialoging about net-neutrality, blogging, podcasting, marketing, and crappy PR campaigns.

Marc Canter is eloquently speaking about “openness” in Web 2.0 services and applications. He’s right. (Scroll down to where he mentions Dan Farber) Plain and simple, your site/app/services, should work with as many different formats as possible, including importing and exporting the user’s data. This is one of the reasons Google is kicking so much ass lately, and the main reason they could be overtaken by a small start-up with better interoperability.

Contest Winner, other random bits. . . . Monday, May 29 2006 

I thought I should finally mention (in lieu of actually making a new podcast, for which I've many lame excuses, not to be placed into print here), that we did *in fact* have a contest winner for the Negativland CD contest of last month.

Vish Tymkin, who writes the Antique Athlete Blog, was declared the winner, for her comment.  She received her CD, all the way around the other side of this round speck of iron and dust flying through space at 67,000 miles per hour (107870 km per hour) around the sun.


Vish likes to play Canoe Polo, a sport that sounds a wee dangerous to me, but I'm not that type of risk taker.  While I was looking at Wikipedia to research this "extreme" sport, I also found out that today (May 29) is Oak Apple Day, which was mentioned in Thomas Pepys' Diary.  I never heard of such a thing, but then, the current German/Dutch extraction of British Nobility which history and circumstances have dredged up and taken over from the true British Royal line, (official website) outlawed the celebration which commemorates the restoration of King Charles II of Britain, over a century ago.

Coffee Contest Winner! Monday, Feb 20 2006 

Olympia Coffee Roasting Company 

New Coffee contest winner, Josh Smeltser a correction office from Iowa was the first to respond to the newest contest announcement.  Josh heard about our Podcast from listening to our last Coffee Contest Winner John Bollwitt’s; RadioZoom Podcast.

Way to Go Josh!!!


P.S., Castblaster Mike says we can expect some nice changes to Castblaster and WinPodder that will “enrich” your listening experience, and may cause the old Cosmo-meister to do some multi-media walking “audio-tours”

New WordPress Blog, Giggety! Monday, Sep 26 2005 

Uncleweed at the Clubside Café

Welcome to the new Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast Site!!! You can still view the Old Site, until I move the posts. . . .

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