Clubside Breakfast Time Episode #50 – Festivus and Fish and Chips (with added Bluegrass!)

Ok, so I lost the first 7 minutes of the show, but here’s the rest of the story.

First we play a Bill Monroe tune, but it got lost in the bad editing manuvoer.  Old Time Dave is my guest today, and has chosen most of the tunes.

Terry from Oly Coffee Roasting shows up, (sans microphone), and chats about all current topics “oly”. 

Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album

Wonderland from “Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album”
by Various Artists
Kill Rock Stars

Freilach Time!

“Bulgar/Freilach” from “Freilach Time!”
by Golden State Klezmers
Jewish Music Group

The we give the answer to uncleweed’s trivia question, listen to the podcast, and win free stuff!

As always, feedback, complaints, music requests and suggestions to clubsidepodcast (/a/t/)

Then we end with  Bill Monroe – Christmas Time’s a Comin’ and haplessly thank our guests and sponsors.