Clubside Breakfast Time Episode #49 – Lazy, Rainy Tuesday at the Fishbowl Brewpub

First, here a few pictures I took in Olympia this morning before heading over to the Fishbowl Brewpub to meet Damien, and have some fine Olympia seafood. (I had the Smoked Salmon Sandwich [mit frites], and Damien had the Cod fish Tacos.)

Photos of; (The Olympia Downtown Bus Transfer Station & Zeigler’s Welding on Olympia St)

After ordering our repast, we fired up the laptop and started recording, and here’s a synopsis of the show!

First, we chit-chat about the garage cum micro-brewery restaurant complex that houses the Fishtale Brewpub, with a shoutout to Caveman Jim Skutt, who’s vision and labor created the wood-fired pizza oven that is now in Sorrento’s Italian Restaurant. We also mention the brutal weather change that Olympia has undergone in the last few weeks, (with torrential rains, stormy winds, and at least one loud clap of thunder that woke everyone up at 3:00 AM a few days ago, due to the loudness and length of the booming.)

Our fish lunch arriving, we play Joe Lock / Geoffrey Keezer Group – Van Gogh by the Numbers from their album “Live in Seattle”

Live In Seattle

Download “Van Gogh By Numbers” (mp3)
from “Live In Seattle” by Joe Locke/Geoffery Keezer Group
Origin Records

After that, Damien mentions that he saw the Evening Magazine Floatplane (The Maggie or The Maggie II), taking off from Budd Inlet whilst visiting the port.

Then we play “I am Ned” from The Truth Rockets. Here’s an explanation on what a NED is, for those of you fortunate enough not to know already.

I wonders at this point if my pint is the wrong size, but never do anything about. . . .

Then we play Junkstar – Factory, after a short discussion of soup, and his motocycle mechanic’s award at a bike show in Arizona, and an interrupting phone jingle from Damien’s SmartPhone. (acquired from the Podsafe Music Network)

After that, we kind of fumble about, talking rubbish about St. Andrew and European history, and Geometry, of which we obviously only have the vaguest notion. Here’s some information about St. Andrew from WikiPedia.

After we get it together we play The Blue Van, acquired from the iodaPromoNet.

Dear Independence

Download “Don’t Leave Me Blue” (mp3)
from “Dear Independence” by The Blue Van
TVT Records

Special thanks for today’s show go out to St. Andrew, Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Fishbowl Brewpub, iodaPromoNet, Damien, and all the listeners of the Clubside Breakfast Time. <– Send us e-mail, eh, and get it read on our show!

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