Clubside Breakfast Time #45 – John Sinclair Show #102 – A Joint Production with Special Guest John Sinclair!

John Sinclair Freedom Rally Poster Hempfest 2006

Wow, what a week it’s been. Last Thursday night, Gazoo (who was on his way to Iowa), received a call from his friend Jim, whom he originally met at the Dolphins Coffeeshop in Amsterdam in 2001. Jim was on his way north driving with Travelling companion, John Sinclair, who was scheduled to perform at Seattle Hempfest that weekend.

Because our last episode with Ben the Mad Activist discussed the Hempfest, and since I had helped out by acquiring three cases of organic handbrewed mead for the Speaker’s Social, which I planned to attend, I offered to put them up for the night, and give a kindly helping hand on their journey.

Little did I know what would follow. This episode of the CBT podcast (linked above), is a culmination of the next few days of celebrating hippiedom and embracing Cannabis, it’s benefits, culture, and lifestyle, with one of the original counter-culture figures of the movement.

Here’s an outline and links, based on the show. (To enhance your listening pleasure!!!)

Since John normally podcasts for Radio Free Amsterdam, we agreed to make a “Joint Production”, and this show should also be released (cross posted) as John Sinclair Show #102 on Monday, September 13th, 2006.

Radio Free Amsterdam Link

As is the custom on John’s podcast (and a sometimes thing on ours), we open the show with Opening Tokes, (silently sponsored by Apothecary Seeds) and go right into rocking with C-Average with, appropriately, Mose Allison’s – Parchman’s Farm.

Next, we play the song written about John (and performed by Blind Melon) by none other than John Lennon, which he performed at the John Sinclair Freedom Rally, in Ann Arbor, Michigan at Crisler arena on December 10th, 1971. Three days after the benefit concert, the Michigan Supreme Court overturned his conviction and released John from prison, where he was two and a half years into serving a ten year sentence, after being arrested at the behest of the Nixon administration, during the height of Cointelpro abuses of the politically motivated FBI.

(lyrics from the John Lennon FBI Files – click to enlarge)

Lyrics Thumbnail from FBI Files

Buy the Blind Melon cover version of “John Sinclair” at iTunes by clicking here: John Sinclair, or order the soundtrack (including the original live version by John Lennon and Yoko Ono) – from the upcoming movie “The U.S. vs John Lennon” (release date: Sept. 26th, 2006)

After that song, Cosmo (the Unabonger) rambles about his psychic (synchronistic) connection to John Sinclair, and why fate led John and Jim to the Condo at this particular juncture of the time space continuum. Also, John gives a few shoutouts to his friends, and discusses his travelling schedule, and plugs Radio Free Amsterdam. At this point, Dingo stops by to say “high.”

(On Psychic Connections) “We’re all drawing from the same underground reality.” – John Sinclair

John then talks about his connection to Blind Melon, and the drummer, Glenn Graham, during his stint in New Orleans as a musician and radio personality at WWOZ, and relates his Hempfest experience, including a big thanks to hempfest organizer Vivian McPeak. (pictured here with Gazoo in Amsterdam during Cannabis Cup 2001)

Next, another Clubside Breakfast Time World Premier!! John Sinclair & the Blues Scholars, from part three of the four part series “Fattening Frogs for Snakes”, with title track “Don’t Start Me to Talking”. John then talks about the new digital only release process about the new album.

(On Inter-Racial Sex) “I am an advocate, and a devotee of the negress.” – John Sinclair

Next, John Sinclair helps us introduce the Clubside Breakfasttime Podcast “House Band” Mudhoney, and relays his experience with meeting Mark Arm, during Mark’s stint touring with the DKT/MC5, and of paying his respects when Mudhoney visited Amsterdam this Spring.

Buy Mudhoney Songs Here: Mudhoney

After Mudhoney rocks us to our marrow, we talk about the healing plant, a healthy happy lifestyle, and other subversive topics. Most especially, we talk about John’s role in the upcoming Lionsgate film release, “The U.S. vs John Lennon”, produced by Cosmo’s old Jr. High School friend (and Lionsgate TV President), Kevin Beggs. As mentioned above, the movie soundtrack contains the original (live) version of the song “John Sinclair”, and John talks about the book the movie is based on, and the whole incident that led the FBI to start illegally investigating John Lennon.

We talk a bit about Dr. John, and his decades long addition to heroin. Then we play Black Mountain – Druganaut, which you can purchase at iTunes here: Black Mountain

For our final tune of the day, we play another World Premier from John Sinclair & The Blues Scholars, a song called, “The 44s”, with Jim Dickinson on Piano.

Lastly, John and Cosmo toss around a few quick topics, the blues, poverty, and the local music scene, including discussing Cosmo’s relationship to Lionsgate Television President, and Film Producer Kevin Beggs, Pictured on the Right Here at the Weeds Season Two Opening Party, (Purchase Weeds Season One episodes from iTunes by clicking here: Weeds). Kevin was the worst player on Cosmo’s Jr. High Basketball team, scoring one point during the season, and Cosmo was the second worst, scoring two, according to his own recollection. We also briefly discuss the Iraq War, before finally saying goodbye, and ending the show, 5 minutes later than scheduled.

As promised, here are a collection of links for information on John Sinclair to roundout the numerous background links above.

Cosmo especially thanks John Sinclair, and all the artists who’s music we played, and also John Lennon (we still believe “War is Over”), for his enlightened views, and political fortitude, and activism. Thanks also to Pearl Django for their lilting music which helps us to end the show.

Most especially Cosmo thanks his beautiful Wife, Dingo, for putting up with the time it took to make this podcast. There’s so much more, make sure and listen to the Podcast!!!

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