Clubside Breakfast Time – Episode #44 – Mad Activist Summer (with good tunes and good times)
We get right into it by declaring President George W Bush an Asshole! With the help of the Frauds!

The Frauds

The Frauds

The Frauds
High Wire Music

(thanks to CrazyWanda for turning Cosmo on the IODA Promonet, for wicked RIghts-Cleared music from independant artists)

We chat about about Ben’s hangover, and where he went last night, including Otto’s, Le Voyeur, and The Brotherhood Lounge.

We also talked about his activism regarding the City of Seattle’s procrastination to grant Hempfest their permit, and the ensuing lawsuit meant to
keep Hempfest alive.

The Black Tories – Lady in the Lake
Love Lies Bleeding – Kill Kool Records (Vancouver, B.C.)

News Commentary:

Lt. Ehren Watada who has refused to deploy with his unit, the Third Stryker Brigade on Moral and Ethical Grounds.

Local News:

Bayview Boycott Continues. Storman’s admits losing money, and nine women file suit with the State board of Pharmacy.

Nordic Lounge Weekend

Nordic Lounge Weekend

Various Artists
DNM – Dealers of Nordic Music

We talk to Ben about his new Minidisc MZ-RH1. Check them out, they’re cool as heck. We also talk about the C-Average (Caverage/Eddie Vedder Photos from Who Tribute Show)/Rodeo Kill show we saw at the Brotherhood Lounge on Thursday July 27th, 2006.

Then we play Rodeo Kill and their unique Olympia-Based brandof “Outlaw Country”.

Rodeo Kill – Old Hank

Ben’s Plug for KOWALP – Low Power “peoples radio

Cosmo’s Plug for CastBlaster/Windpodder and Audio+

Uncleweed’s Spectacular
Fireworks Photo,Cosmo Like;Very Cool!!

More Black Tories – Lazarus

(courtesy of Kill Kool records)

Also another Black Bettie teaser, and a gift for our friend Martin, of the Unmajestic Podcast.

Thanks to OlyBlog, The Olympian, WordPress, etc. others mentioned and linked above.

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