Clubside Breakfast Time Epidsode #40 – At The Place

Where Cosmo, Gazoo and Uncleweed eat Breakfast at The Place

The PlaceUncleweed's Breakfast

First we talk a bit, and play some audio comments and snippets, the first from the Unmajestic Podcast, wherein he tries to describe our podcast to his guests on The Unmajestic Episode #34, but it quickly degenerates into a rant about baby smoking. 🙂

Next, we play an audio comment from our friend John, over at Radio Zoom Podcast.

Radio Zoom Link

Next we play a comment from Ben Rodman of the Scarsdale High School Beardclub.  Thanks boys!

Then we play a Lois Song (Bridge  Burner), from the Podshow Music Network, here is a link to the K Records section of PMN, which has a lot of great Oly based (and recorded) bands.

Finally, with a big bang, we end with the Numbskulz!  A rockin' ending to a long winded breakfast.

Uncleweed, sipping coffee