Clubside Breakfast Time #39

Starting with small talk about Mike Versteeg's re-write of Castblaster and his "retreat" to the rural areas of the Netherlands, and local Olympia resident Brian James' flint-knapping work, whilst waiting for our lunch to arrive.

Clubside Café

Then, we play a song, and all songs (except one) from today's show are from Kill Rock Stars Records.

Rancid – Brixton

Cosmo rambles on about our first show (no blog link yet).

Sleater Kinney – Ballad of a Ladyman – From Turbo's Tunes

Damien discusses the fact that today (April 4th) is his birthday, as well as Maya Angelou.  Gazoo mentions that his birthday is the same as fictional character John Rambo.  FYI, The movie was filmed in Hope B.C., just north of Washington State in the Cascade foothills.

Beard Club Message – Brett and Ben (with Beard Club) "leave a message" on Cosmo's Voicemail.  Keep it up!  $30 is a good start, but probably won't even buy a gram of weed in Scarsdale. 😉 

Local News from the Daily OlympianUrban Onion has small fire.

Mary Lou Lord – Helsinki (also a begrudging link to MLL's MySpace Site)

Holly GoLightly – Rain down Rain

After those two songs, Damien, Gazoo, and Cosmo talk about our fine lunch at the Clubside Café, and the hasty, consumeristic American culture vs. the laid-back European café culture.

Then Cosmo plays 7 Year Bitch – 8 Ball Deluxe (From the Kill Rock Stars compilation) and afterwards reminicses about seeing them play during the Grunge glory years. 

Damien gives a shoutout to his cousin Forest, and his new clothing company. (still searching for the right URL)

Gazoo mentions his trip to N.O., and the suprise birthday party for Joey Nugent, Super-Roadie to the stars.

Lastly, we play a non-Kill Rock Stars (and non-Olympia) band, our own Podsafe Music Network *Star* Brother Love

Thanks to all artists, our sponsors, and don't forget to enter the contest!  (Listen to the show for details)