Clubside Breakfast Time #35

With Host Cosmo G Spacely and special guest Uncle Weed

Starting with a few songs as a quick Follow up on last weeks’s Anti-War theme

Tinmanchu – I’ve Been Thinking About You Lately

Mudhoney – It Is US

Dave Talks about his Radio Daze in Orem, UT and a talk ensues about the RIAA Fools and their idiotic licensing policies.

Geoff Smith – Not on the Radio

Local News – Clubside Back in Business – Capitalist Biodeisel Cooperative

Dean Kamen – New Inventions to benefit Mankind – Cow Dung Generator,Water Purification Device.

News – London Robbery – Caught!!

Numbskulz Exclusive!- Darkside of You

Numbskulz from Pe Ell Hamm Military Cemetery - Hamm Luxembourg

Numbskulz Photo Credit Dave Olson(C) 2006 Luxembourg U.S. Military Cemetery Pic Credit Ian Christiancy(C) 2006


Our thanks today go to the  the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, our sponsor, Uncle Weed, Podsafe Music Network, Tinmanchu and of course Castblaster!