Clubside Breakfast Time #34

Cosmo, Gazoo, and new guest Damien eat lunch at the 4th Ave Alehouse, and talk loudly about nothing in particular. Songs by The Smoke, Da Vincis Notebook, CAverage, Saint Etienne, the Capitol Steps

Bonus Background info on today’s show:

This is a picture I took of then US Vice-President Al Gore in Edmund Sylvester Park on a campaign stop in Olympia in 1998.  He is standing exactly where the maple tree fell during last week’s windstorm.  Below that is a picture of Gazoo having a cigarette outside of the 4th Ave, in the cold.


Al Gore in Sylvester Park - 1998

Gazoo taking a smoke break outside

Here are links to the news stories mentioned on today’s podcast.

Reuters London Cash Robbery

Olympia Girl Stuck in Tree 

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