Clubside Breakfast Time #33

 with host Cosmo G Spacely and new special guest the Great Gazoo!

 King Solomon's CounterPercival Landing with Olympia Mountains

Blustery Wintery Day in Olympia

Country Joe – Support The Troops (Not in My Name)

Cartoon Controversy – Liberal Western Civilization

Negativland – drip drop, washington truck stop.

Coffee Contest Winner!

The RadioZoom Podcast
John Bollwitt – Vancouver, BC
Lois – February 15th

News – Capitol Way Lane Restriction

Le Tigre – New Kicks (Democracy)

Tara Leigh Cobble – Beautiful Drive (Podsafe Music Network)

Thanks for today’s show go out to:  CastBlaster and WinPodder, the finest Podcast software in the world!!  Podsafe Music Network, the Daily Olympian.  Also the Great Gazoo, for being my guest, and of course the Olympia Coffee Roasting, for being our sponsors.