Clubside Breakfast Time #19

Your Host: Cosmo G Spacely with Unclweed at the Clubside Café

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Junkstar – Do the Right Thing

BicycleMark's Call to Action

Matthew Ebel – Trees

"Poets in the Coffeehouse Downtown" Coffehouse/Coffeeshop? DaveO's Postcards From a Gravelly Beach

Country Joe– Support the Troops

Maeve O' Boyle – Love Ain't Always Pretty

Brother Love – Push

Thanks for today's show go out to; Adam Curry, Ron Bloom, and the Podshow Music Network, Brother Love, Matthew Ebel, Junkstar, Country Joe, the anti-war movement, Bill Matthews, Maeve O'Boyle, BicycleMark, Oly Coffee Roasting,

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